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ProjectDistributor is a web application for distributing small pieces of software - such as tools, components, widgets and controls. Users create groups to store projects against and visitors can login to download those projects or to leave feedback about bugs or to request new features.

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WebControls, Server Controls, ASP helpers, client-side scripts and ASP specific helper libraries.


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Aggregators, Aggregator-Plug-ins, Rss generator modules, blogging engines, etc.

Continuous Integration

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Tools that can help with continuous integration such as build scripts, etc.

Developer Productivity

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Tools worthy of your developer toolbox. VS.NET Add-ins, Macros, etc

Images / Pictures

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Anything to do with graphics, images, pictures, etc


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Helpers and tools for things such as XmlSerialization, XPath, Xml, Html, Caml and any other mark up based items.

Maths / Algorithms

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Here you will find AI, state machines, games, and general algorithms.


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This category contains tools and projects that didn't fit into the other categories. They include .NET Framework samples and tests and little helper tools.


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Apps and tools which target mobile solutions such as SmartPhone, PDA, Online/Offline, etc


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Lexing, code analysis, syntax highlighters, etc.


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Projects and code snippets with the general purpose of highlighting how to implement patterns in code.


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Powerpoints + Code often get uploaded to ProjectDistributor - such as User Group demo's. This is the category where they will be stored.


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A collection of custom WebParts or little helpers and widgets for working with Sharepoint.


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This category contains tools that are useful for unit testing. It also contains projects which provide concrete examples for how to test for specific things.

Visual Studio

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Includes macro's, visualizers, plug-ins etc.

Web Services

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Either direct web services or projects that highlight the use of an open, services based architecture.

Windows / Console

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Custom Controls, generic helpers, tools and helper libraries for working with Windows clients or the Console.


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Tools for working with Xml data, Xslt's or XPath.

payroll systems can use XML (Extensible Markup Language) to store, transmit, and process data related to employee payroll information.


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